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Journey DVD
DVD £4.99
23 minutes + bonus
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The DVD includes the full 23 minute film and bonus features (the Making Of featurette, and director's commentary).

The download version is in MP4 format and contains the full feature film in three files of approximately 200MB with minimal compression. The quality is similar to the Vimeo sample above.

The Journey

A Flying Story

An oddysey of solo flying, venturing deep into the mountains to find what lies beyond. Shot in Cape Town, South Africa, this is an expression of freedom by a passionate pilot.

There is another world, above the earth ... Experience the art of levitation and get swept away by the inspiration of free-flying. Leaving the city behind and heading for the mountains with only a paraglider for company, one pilot begins a journey of transformation which takes him high over the peaks and deep into the wilderness beyond. Can he survive in this aerial realm, where freedom is the only rule? In the distant deserts he may find the answer ...

Duration : 23 min + 35 min bonus

Format : PAL or NTSC, Widescreen.

The Journey: A Flying Story (promo cut) from Greg Hamerton on Vimeo.

More about the Journey


Making a DVD is expensive, so movies usually get produced to fill a known market need, in other words, the average TV audience dictates the content. But this production is quite different. It's made for pilots by a pilot - designed, scripted, filmed, edited, and produced by me with input and support from the Fresh Air Crew.

Jo Martin (a pilot) performed most of the great music you'll hear during THE JOURNEY. There's a superb instrumental flying track by Crimson composed especially for this movie. The whole production crew are pilots, most notably my exceptional stunt doubles Ian de Vries and Tracy Hamerton and advisor Nic Good. And I'm extremely grateful to Gradient Paragliders and Capestorm Clothing who believed in the project from the word go and offered their support with gravity-defying wings and kickass gear.

The mountains of the Western Cape region are spectacular when viewed from the air. The deeper you go inland, the more risky the flying becomes, but the more liberating the feeling when you escape from the mountains' clutches. And the desert behind the Cederberg is truly breathtaking. I'm sure you'll agree when you see the final scenes of THE JOURNEY.

This is my tribute to a special flying region, and it has involved many months of flying, filming and production effort. Filming paragliders doing cross country flying in mountains is frustrating, dangerous work. There's a 'making of' documentary on the DVD which is aptly titled THE EPIC. I'm overjoyed that the project is almost complete, and to see that the sacrifice has been worth it. I hope you enjopy this 'made for pilots' production.

Fly far, wherever you are ...

Greg Hamerton, Director



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